Hi fellow crafters! This post is the very first day of a new feature for Thermal Mermaid subscribed members. As I am working on building the content it might be helpful to give you a place to check to see where new content is being built. Since the member’s section of this site currently has over 400 pages of recipes and tutorials, many of the robust new sections could easily go over looked. So if you are interested in know what the most updated current material is….. check over here as a guide.

Today I’d like to show 25 new recipes that have been added into a brand new category in the Thermal Mermaid Recipe Directory. Each one of these soap, lotion, and cosmetic recipes feature either hemp oil, CBD powder, or both as their anchor ingredients in the formula. You can find the collection here.

Currently pages have been created and populated with finished recipes. I will spend the next few weeks creating tutorial demonstrations for each one and adding the photography, but you are free to use the completed recipes now.

Also, you may notice the the Book Cannabis Cosmetics is featured on the front of the website. These are the same recipes found in this book, and if you want a pdf version of the entire book, you can find it listed over in Lesson 10.4 

Cannabis Cosmetics has now been updated with New and Improved Recipes including CBD Isolate.

This is worth bringing to your attention, because when I first started making hemp oil cosmetics, CBD isolate powder and true CBD was not legal in all 50 states, so I focused the recipes on the conditioning qualities of hemp oil, the little cousin of CBD. Now, as time has passed, and you can freely purchase CBD isolate powder from you soap supply companies I have altered the lotion and skin soaking formulas on many of these recipes to include the CBD powder for a more enhanced product. The paperback physical copy of Cannabis Cosmetics is available over at Amazon, and this version too, has been updated.

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