The following story board was created by SherryLynn, otherwise known as “The Thermalmermom” Some of you may know that although my mother and I live on far ends of the country we share the same enthusiasm for soap making, and some days just become a big project. Thermalmermom has taken my more simple tomato and basil recipe and enhanced it with just a bit more luxury and decor. Let’s take a look at just how much work went into this weekends project. Let’s take a look as ThermalMermom shares her thoughts with us:

Starting off with fresh tomato.

“I put the sodium lactate on the table just in case I felt like I needed it but with 300 mg of sodium in the V-8 juice I thought I’d rather not use the sodium lactate.
I used the Green Tea Leaves for the top embellishment only. I didn’t want to waste it as there was enough color and food matter in the green layer as it was. Note* I thought I might need to use some tomato paste but didn’t need it after I made the diced tomato puree. “

” I used 2 full cans and one partial can of V-8. It was easier to work with than I expected. I thought maybe the sugar or the sodium in the product would cause heating up or hardness but none of that happened. “

V-8 Juice as the water content for the lye/water solution

Remember, unlike with fresh pressed vegetable juice, V-8 does have a preservative in its recipe. This is mostly just salt, but it is enough to where you can taste the difference in it when you compare it to fresh pressed juice. It still works great in soap!

Using cucumber in the garden soap, even the skins.

Cucumbers are also mostly made of water so getting a puree is easy.

Ninja puree party. The kitchen smelled so good. This is both the basil and the cucumber skin.

Basil and cucumber skin puree. This lent to the natural coloring of the top layer. Not too much though. Sometimes just because you can put food into your soap doesn’t mean you should. In this case, keeping the measurement to a modest amount allows me to pack a variety of fresh ingredients into my bars. It’s easy to forget that this is luxury soap when the smell is so incredible. Thank goodness I didn’t skip breakfast this morning.

I originally thought I would use fresh garden tomato but when I pureed it there was way too much liquid. So I decided to use the diced canned tomatoes instead. This worked out perfectly. (My husband made lovely pork and spaghetti sauce with the leftovers.)

I removed as much liquid from the purees as possible so I didn’t have to water discount. I want 2 full ounces puree in this recipe.

I made ice cubes of the V-8 juice, sat it on a bed of ice prior to adding the Lye to be sure to keep the temperature down so as not to scorch the V-8 juice. You may know that we have to be careful when doing this with goat’s milk, well, pretty much any food product could burn, so its best to keep it under control.

Bottom Layer: 2 oz. canned diced tomato for the food portion with 100% V-8 juice for my liquid mixture.
2 lbs. of oils in the red layers.
EO: Red Thyme, Oregano, Geranium. (Smells like a garden)
Colorants: Moroccan Clay, Paprika and I think the tomato may have added to the color as well.

Now all we have to do is give this 24 hours to become firm and it will be ready to slice into bars. I did not insulate this recipe due my caution on the preservatives in the V-8. I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be additional heating and risk my loaf expanding out of the mold and cracking along the top. Like I mentioned before, this didn’t happen, but at the time I made the soap I wasn’t sure if there was going to be heat generated at this stage so I was extra careful in keeping it open, and in a cool place.

Top layer: 1 oz. fresh garden Basil and 1 oz. Cucumber skin with 100% Aloe Vera Juice for the lye solution.
2 lbs. of oils in the green layers.
EO: Lemon, Sweet Basil, Oregano
Colorants: Matcha

French Green Clay lightly colors the center layer. The center layer was split off of the top layer before the basil and cucumber were added then laid on top the tomato layer then delicately integrated throughout the dark green layer.
The finished product.

The finished product.
Safflower petals and Green Tea top it off with perky Summertime Tomatoes made with soap dough in matching colors. Of course, you can decorate the tops of your bars with just about anything you could imagine. I love adding a little sculpture on top.

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