The Great American Soap begins. Post Your name in the Soap Swap Group to enter the soap swap. Entries for this swap begin on October 31st,2022. You may post your name up to the announcement day on November 12th, 2022 What is The Great American Soap Swap?     The Soap Swap isContinue Reading

The Soap Swap for August is officially announced! Place your name and country in the Soap Swap group under the announcement anywhere between now and August 15th. Partners will be announced on August 16th. This is FREE for all members. You must register to post your name on the threadContinue Reading

Welcome to the Great America Soap Swap : A Community Game for Soap Makers Every soap maker is welcome to join. You must be  a member in the Crafter’s Community here. Everyone can be a part of the Soap Swap including FREE members. (Once you register  you must be sureContinue Reading