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Hi, Nutiva is a very interesting idea. I have not tried it but I am familiar with it. In general any of these products becomes a shortening through processing. I have not used coconut shortening and one of the reasons is because like the nutiva it is a blend of oils and you really wont be able to know how much is palm and how much is coconut to get a SAP value for the soap calculation. 

There is a gaint 35 lb. pail at the restaurant depot of what they call Pan and Grill Coconut Shortening and the reason one would buy it in a restaurant is because of the shelf life, but even these are coconut/soy blends and so it makes the soap making part a bit of a guess.

With Nutiva its listed as fruit palm oil, coconut oil, and then red palm again. So there is no way to know how much of each oil makes up the product. I do know that I called the manufacturer on a palm product once to ask about the SAP value difference between palm oil vs. shortening and I was told that every labeled palm has the same sap value... I would think that would go for the same on palm fruit oil vs. red palm oil. Also, if you really want to take a stab at it call the manufacture of nutiva and they might tell you exactly the proportions of how much oil is in the product, and then we can help you sort out the math if you want to create a formula.

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