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Lye amount

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I just made this, but I don't think the lye amount is correct. After I started the process, I ran it through a lye calculator. The recipe appears to be about .45 oz shy. 

Can you confirm the lye amount should be 2.92? The lye calculator I ran it through states the lye amount should be 3.57. 

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Hi Helen,

The lye amount is correct. If you use the calculator at and type in the recipe the same way you will get 2.92 oz of lye. One difference is that you may have left out the superfat percentage which will change the value of the lye. (If you did thats perfectly fine. In this case this wont affect the final product.) Another case may be that if you used a different lye calculator it may be using different numbers somewhere for the SAP values of any particular oil. Now these numbers shouldn't be different and I have no way to know that, but on the calculator at Cottage DIY you can toggle between the oils and see the SAP values directly on the page to see that they are being calculated correctly.