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OK, I just made these!

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This is my first-time trying soap crayons and I love how this formula turned out. It never even occurred to me that it was going to be this simple, which I think is great for marketing because who wants too many ingredients in a kids item. My main question is .... Why am I able to do this at temperatures as high as 150 degrees. I have never made a cold process recipe higher than 120, and yet mine turned out exactly like the pics on the page? I mean, I'm not complaining because it works beautifully and I understand why we had to do it this high, but why is this not burning or separating, or doing whatever it is that happens when you make CP too high? 

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Are we allowed to call them crayons or is that a trademarked name? I feel safer calling them something more generic like 'color bars' or 'coloring sticks' maybe even color pencils?