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Lard and Palm Shortening

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Looking at previous post. Is it correct that I can use coconut oil instead of lard?  In addition, what is palm shortening? Is it the same as palm oil?

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Hi  Troy,

Yes you can substitute coconut oil for lard. Coconut oil has different properties from lard so the end result will be a different feeling bar. Coconut oil in your formula will result in a bar that give you a lot of lather with big fluffy bubbles. Too much coconut oil and your bar may be brittle and leave your skin feeling dry. You can experiment with how much coconut oil you like in your formula, but most coconut oil recipes will have 10-25%. Remember: If you do substitute lard for coconut oil you must recalculate your formula in the soap calculator to adjust for the new lye calculation.


Palm shortening: This is almost the same as palm oil and does have the same SAP value. Palm shortening is usually found at a restaurant supply store in 50 lb blocks and is processed a little differently to turn it into shortening. The molecules in the shortening are larger, fluffier, and more stable for shelf life. You will find many of my formulas prefer shortening to oil. Yes, you can switch these in and out without the need to change any other part of your recipe. Too much palm shortening will result in a crumbly stiff bar. The lather from palm shortening give small creamy bubble. Palm shortening is one of my favorite ingredients.