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My feedback on this emulsified sugar scrub

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I played with this recipe this week and I'd like to talk about it. First of all, for a simple basic sugar scrub this is it. This thing that draws me to the emulsified sugar scrubs you put out is that you aren't messing with any of the more advanced ingredients like the long named surfactants and the stuff that makes for great texture. I know there's a place for all that stuff, and they're all mostly just fine. But my customers are the crunchiest. (I had to answer a million questions about why I made it pink!) Making this sugar scrub is straight forward, and my first batch stiffened up in that way where you have to bring a spoon into the shower to use it. The minute it gets wet in your hand its fine, but I opted to use a little less sugar and it formed to my liking perfectly. Over all I will be making this one again, and I would be interested in maybe a list of the most popular fragrances for sugar scrubs. Thank you.