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Can we talk about charcoal soaps?

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I want that dark black color for my charcoal soaps, but when I use enough charcoal to make my soap deep black. (I call it Disney black) then the charcoal just bleeds all over the sink when the bars get wet. I washes away easily and doesn't stain, but it looks like a horrible mess and I'm sure for someone who has never used it then it will be alarming. Now, when I use less charcoal my bars turn out rainy day gray and look like little blocks of cement. Not great. How do you guys get black soap and still use charcoal?

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I also make a deep black charcoal soap and has the same issue. What I do is add 1/4 activated charcoal and 3/4 black mica powder. I get a deep dark black color without that coal wash water that comes off in the stream. It even looks a little metalic-ish if you get a sparkle black pigment.