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Adding Honey to my batch

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I'm new to soap making and experimenting with making soap with honey. It's for an outdoor weekend market for the school of my grandchild.
I have this recipe below, which turns seems ok, but it doesn't smell nice. In the recipe it says to add a few drops of essential oil (orange and patchouli). But in the soap calculator it says to add 24 grams. This is a big difference but I tried both. I'm not happy with the smell either way. One is nothing and one is WAY too strong. Maybe I should wait a few weeks until the soap has cured, but this will take too long.
My question is: which essential oil(s) would you add to this recipe and how much?
Another question for the honey: which honey would you use, and does the type of honey make a difference in the color the soap turns out to be?I mean liquid or can I use powdered honey? I would like it to have a warm yellow color. i will add the honey after the trace.

780g olive oil
160g coconut oil
60g shea butter
2 teasp honey
278g water
132g sodiumhydroxide


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The usage rates for essential oils and fragrance oils are different. When you are using a soap calculator you are probably getting a formula meant to add a fragrance oil and your formula wasn't calculated for an essential oil. This is why 24 grams is probably way too much.

Honey is a sugar and it will accelerate your trace fast and heat up your recipe, but honey itself wont color or scent a batch of soap. You can use both liquid and powdered honey. I find powdered honey can be mixed more evenly. Try the Honey, Milk,  & Oatmeal Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.