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Does curing temp make a difference for the wax in the bath crayon?

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So, I'm back on this formula this week. I whipped this up real quick when the tutorial forst came out and now I'm playing with it more carefully for my nieces, and one thing I'm wondering about is that if I set this out to cure at room temp, I notice that I do noeed two full days to get them out of the mold without breaking off the tips. The extra cure time bewteen 24-48 hours absolutely does make a difference. BUT.... what if I put these in the fridge? Will that make them cure faster or just the same time and cold?

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No, It will of course firm up a little in the first few minutes because you're dropping the actual heat faster, but the over all curing time still takes a full day even if you have it in the fridge. It might get sweaty in the fridge. One thing I've noticed over the years.... you know how we always use the phrase.... "keep in a cool dry place" I think the dry part is more important than the cool part, but your fridge isnt a cool dry place. Its kind of a cold humid place, and its fine for dropping temps in the short term, but everything always seems to sweat in the fridge while its setting up. When ever I use the fridge (rarely) its after everything is already firm, set, cured...etc..... and the water and oil is already completely processed in its final stage, otherwise there are always beads of sweat somewhere.