Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub

Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub - This is a tasty lip scrub with the perfect combination of sugar exfoliate, moisturizing oils, and a bite of sweet mint & chocolate taste.

Difficulty: Easy Video Time: 8 Minutes

In this video you will find the full tutorial and step by step instruction on making the mint chocolate sugar lip scrub.

Recipe & Instructions

Recipe & Instructions

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Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub

This sugar scrub is crafted to have a similar texture and feel to the Lush version. Sugar scrubs for lips, (aside from being packaged in tiny lip balm containers) are harder, drier, and tougher than soft shower scrubs. This mint chocolate formula is used by taking a small amount with the tip of your finger and rub across the surface of your lips with either your finger or a wash cloth. The sugar should exfoliate dry dead skin while the oils and waxes moisturize and slightly plump, getting your lips ready for your morning make up routine. The following recipe will make 42 jars at 1.5 oz. weight per product.

What you need:

  • 22 oz. white granulated sugar

  • 5 oz. bees wax

  • 7 oz. avocado oil

  • 5 oz. grapeseed oil

  • 1.5 oz. Clear jojoba oil

  • 2 oz. shea butter

  • 2 oz. mint chocolate flavor oil

  • ½ oz. Cocoa powder

  • 0.5 oz phenonip (preservative)


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well by hand or with a stand mixer. Package and label accordingly. These are best presented in small 1-2 oz. wide lid lip balm jars.


Melts waxes and hard oils slowly. If you incorporate them slowly into the soft oils they will take longer to return to a solid form as the oils cool. Take your time melting the oils; you can always re-melt if the wax becomes solid.

Preservative is optional. There is no water in this recipe so it is not necessary to add a preservative. If you are going to package this for sale it is recommended that you add a preservative. Phenonip is the recommended preservative for this recipe. It is used for lip balm, face lotions and is oil soluble.

Lip sugar scrubs are usually packaged in pot jars from 1/3 oz. Size to 1. oz size.

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Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub

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