Black Cherry & Orange Sugar Scrub

For an emulsifying sugar scrub that matches the black cherry and orange clove deep moisturizing body butter this recipe is perfect. A unisex scent perfect for the shower that has a warm winter feel lifted with the fruity aroma of black cherry.

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This recipe is the matching recipe to the body butter with the same name. This is a beautiful fully emulsifying sugar scrub that will not leave oil residue on the skin when it is washed away nor will it leave a slick film on the tub.

Recipe & Instructions

Black Cherry & Orange Sugar Scrub

This is an anhydrous sugar scrub. This has a silky feel without leaving an oily build up and is packed with sugar for a full body exfoliating experience.

What you will need:

       •  1.5 oz. of Mango Butter

       • 6 oz. of Soy Bean Oil

       • 20 oz. of Sugar

       • 0.5 oz. Black Cherry Fragrance Oil

       • 0.25 oz. of Orange & Clove

       • 6 grams of Optiphen

       • 1 oz. of E-wax

       • 1 oz. of steric acid

       • 0.5 oz. of beeswax

      • 0.5 oz. of polysorbate-20

       • 1/16 teaspoon of purple mica colorant

How to make this Sugar Scrub:

  1. Melt down the mango butter into the soybean oil over a pan in a warm water bath.

  2. Add the beeswax, steric acid, and e-wax. Allow this to completely melt into the oils.

  3. Blend until all the oils and waxes are completely incorporated and remove the heat.

  4. Add the fragrance and preservative only after the liquids are cool.

  5. Add the sugar to the entire mixture. Add just enough sugar to get the consistency that you want. If you want your scrub to be a little bit runny then you will use a little bit less sugar. Mix this well and add your mica to tint the product a light cherry purple.


Soy Bean Oil : This is often sold as vegetable oil. You may not want this anywhere near your dietary plan, but for skin care it is a great benefit in your recipe. Soy bean oil has been proven to have anti inflammatory properties and be skin softening and soothing.

Sugar Scrub Texture & Consistency: Sugar scrubs can range in feel from a solid product that is mostly sugar and hardens firm in the jar when it is packaged and set on the shelf to a thin runny oil with fewer sugar granules that is usually labeled a body polish. Both products are made for providing a spa like exfoliating experience that makes the skin soft while removing dead skin cells and exposing fresh living skin. The recipe as it is written will result in a firm mixture made mostly from sugar. This same recipe can be altered with half as much sugar to make a thin loose product.

Packaging: When making this recipe the product will become firm. It is easily removed from a jar with a wide mouth lid so that a spoon or finger can dig into the sugar and scoop out a quarter size amount for use. If the recipe is altered to be loose and runny it can easily be packaged in a bottle or container with a small mouth top and squeezed from the top.

Why add the e-wax if there is no water in the product? Assuming this is used in the shower it will be rinsed off with water once the oil and sugar mixture is rubbed into the skin. Leaving out the e-wax will make it difficult to rinse off. The oil will bead across the skin and stick once it comes in contact with water. This will leave an annoying residue that would have to be brushed away with a towel. To make the product slide away from the skin easily the e-wax is necessary to emulsify the oil and water together at the time it is washed away.

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Black Cherry & Orange Sugar Scrub

This thread covers the Black Cherry & Orange Sugar Scrub recipe that can be found in the recipe directory for Mermaid & Siren members. Feel free to post questions and comments pertaining to this recipe.

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