Partner Program

Now you can earn an income from any members that use your partner code when they sign up for a membership at All Mermaid and Siren level members in good standing are eligible to participate in the partner program. 

How does it work?

        If you would like to receive 50% of the fees paid by any new member that you bring to CottageDIY you can fill out an application to become a partner. You must be a Mermaid or Siren level member to get access to the dashboard, links, and reports for Partners. Partners are manually approved once you ask to join. (All Mermaid & Siren members who request to join are approved.) Apply to become a Partner Here

How do I find this link?

       Once you are approved you will get access to a link in the top menu of the website under 'Tools'. This will take you to your Partner dashboard and show you how many members you have and your monthly payment. You can also Watch this helpful YouTube video for a visual aid.

How do I get paid?

     You must have a paypal account to be paid. All partner payments are disbursed once a month.

What happens when a person clicks my link and signs up?

     When a person uses your link to join the crafter's community you will see this report on your Partner Report Page. This is the same page where you find your custom link.  A person does not have to sign up immediately for you to get credit for their membership. If they click your link and close the window you will receive credit for anyone who comes back and joins within 30 days of the time they clicked your link. So, yes, they can think about it and come back later and you will still get credit. 

Course Author Program

Would you like to be the author of your own CottageDIY tutorial and get paid every month for the people who watch and follow your work? We have an author program that is very competitive (maybe better) than what other learning websites have to offer. As a course author you will receive 70% of an sign up that you bring to your course. Memberships are typically reoccurring monthly memberships, which means you get paid 70% every month for your subscribers, and you can continue to build every month. You can also me the moderator of your own group if you want to build a way to communicate with people watching. Additionally, you are free to use your profile to cross promote to your Youtube Channel and other socials. This means that all of the CottageDIY members (not just your sign ups) are able to browse and discover you on other platforms that might create revenue for your business.

You must be a Mermaid or Siren level member to qualify to become a course author.

You must select a Cottage Craft topic that is found on the main dashboard OR send us a message to suggest a craft topic that we might add. (Currently candle, crochet, jewelry, knitting, quilting, soap and cosmetic, and tatting.)

You must apply to become a course author. You can fill out your request here. Partner and Author Application . (All Mermaid & Siren level members are manually approved. This will give you access to a link that will provide you the tools you need to proceed. All members will be approved to be a partner and can immediately begin receiving 50% of the membership sign ups, authors must go through a basic quality approval process. )

You must have a paypal account. All payments are automated and made once per month through paypal.

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