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RE: cbd powder

@wadi There are more and more reputable companies as time goes on, but the one I use is Essential Depot right here. This is the best price that I am a...

1 month ago
RE: I'm delighted to see this much information.

It was a pleasure to chat with you. The printable info will be up shortly!

3 months ago
RE: Solid Sugar Scrub

Hi, Nutiva is a very interesting idea. I have not tried it but I am familiar with it. In general any of these products becomes a shortening through pr...

4 months ago
RE: Adding Honey to my batch

The usage rates for essential oils and fragrance oils are different. When you are using a soap calculator you are probably getting a formula meant to ...

4 months ago
RE: Another lard question

Any tallow is suitable to replace with lard. Palm oil is a comparable type of oil, and you are always pretty safe to use olive oil to replace any of t...

4 months ago
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