Are you a small artisan and need a place to sell your hand crafted items without the burden of too many fees when you are just starting out?

We have a seller platform that you might like to use!

All Mermaid & Siren  level members are eligible to open their own seller platform on 

What is

Bath Artisan is an e-commerce website with a multi vendor platform for any member to set up their own store. This feature is ONLY available to members of the Thermal Mermaid Crafter's Community for Mermaid or Siren lever subscribers.

Why is different from Ebay or Etsy?

No Fees.

When you are a member of the Thermal Mermaid Crafter's Community you can set your shop up with no monthly fees, no listing fees, and no final value fees. Aside from your monthly membership in the Community, there is zero fee to open your own store. This makes getting started easier when you are just learning how to get your feet under you.

Business Presence

The shop pages give you a place to create a business presence. Many artisans need to simply establish a place to show case their products and offer a way to take orders from their face to face market customers.  Sometimes in order to gain access to a farmer's market the market director will ask to see an example of the items you make before you are allowed to rent a space. Opening a shop will give you a head start on showing your craft to the world and you can keep your business identity in place year round without the worry of always having to pay reoccurring fees, even if your market stands are seasonal.

Get Found By Your Customers is much smaller than Etsy.  Our shops are exclusive to members in our community. This means that the customers who shop from you are typically people who you have met in person and given them your store name. When your customers come to we do not have millions of sellers. (We have no desire to have a huge number of sellers.) You will be easily found by the people who are looking for you.

Can I have a BathArtisan store and an Etsy store?

Of course, Etsy is a great website serves an exciting purpose. You may find pros and cons with both platforms, but we encourage you to try either or both.  BathArtisan was built to give crafters more choices and especially help those who are just learning or starting their journey without losing their hard earned money before they can get the fire started.

How do I open my store?

First, you must be registered as a Mermaid or a Siren to be eligible to open a shop.  Then be sure to get more information in Lesson 11 in the Thermal Mermaid  Soap & Cosmetic Course  . This will explain everything you need to know.

Then, be sure to fill out the application in Lesson 11.1 . Once your application is accepted you will have access to start selling.