Get ready for the January 2024 SOAP SWAP! The Great American Soap Swap is back. Beginning October 1st members can add their name to the soap swap thread to receive a soap swap partner and make a new friend!

Here is the January schedule:

January 15th – 30th sign up. Just add your name to the message board in the Soap Swap Group : Here or in the Thermal Mermaid Soap Making & Bath Cosmetics Facebook Group: Here. You can add your name to either or both. (You will only be assigned one partner where ever you add your name.)

January 30th : The soap swap begins! You will receive your partner’s name. Message them either in your DMs at CottageDIY or on Facebook and swap information.

February 1st – 7th : Send our your soaps & receive your swap. Make sure to post your thank you message and pics as soon as you get your swap package, and ENJOY your gifts!

Yes, we do have some simple rules about Thank You-ing and domestic shipping partners so if you have never participated in the soap swap before you can find more info here.

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