A few weeks ago I created a poll over in the face book group asking if any of you would like to see a forum style message board created for those who don’t love to use Facebook or are feeling less in love with Facebook these days, and about 1/3 of you who answered said yes. This was provoked by comments on my YouTube channel where I typically send people who want free recipes over to the face book group to instantly download the ones I’ve posted over there. I thought this was the easiest way to make content that people could get access to without the hassle of registering or signing up at a website. To my surprise many people said, “Hey, I don’t have FB, can you just give me a link?” Well, that means that new soapers are missing out on the daily community interaction, but also they don’t get to see some of the helpful discussion that go along with our recipes and work.

Today, I’m rolling out an exciting new feature. I’ve recently installed a forum style message board to the members section of the website. This forum is meant to be a shared discussion for any of the topics found in the course material so that I (or other experienced soapers) can expand on any information if some one has a question about the recipes they’re working on.

Click Here to Go To The New Message Boards

This is set up so everyone can view, research, or follow along, but only Kelpie through Siren members are able to post to the board. This will keep the spam to virtually nothing since it ensures that everyone is a real legitimate person interested in soap craft.

Today the software is installed, and I invite you to lurk and browse while I spend the next few days and weeks figuring out how to organize it in a way that is most helpful to the community. Anyone is welcome to join in and post with their comments, questions, or just a random fly by hello.

As always, happy creating and spend the day doing exactly what you want to do.

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