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    3 months ago

    I am still having issues with seeing recipes, I have logged out and back in several times and still seeing the same message. It was on the cbd recipes but now it’s on the goat milk recipes, I can’t view any of them. Also I private message and haven’t heard anything. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or messaging the wrong way. Please help 🙂

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    • Hi Wendy! Thank you for posting this. I have updated that whole goat’s milk page so you can see all the links that are intended to display. I am always building pages and adding software to this giant composium, so sometimes a broken link is just me tinkering with pages….. try it now, and please always drop a post if you want to point my nose at anything you are working on! Welcome. I love your avatar!!!!!

Wendy Story

Building my business a little at a time

I am currently working on building a spa business and needed some new and fresh ideas to add to the business. I love the fact of having everything in my spa is handmade and not store bought. I look forward to seeing people's ideas and stores and hope to make a few new friends along my journey.



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