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  • I have solved my soda ash problem. I discovered that by working more slowly I get the lye mixed more thoroughly. It was just that simple. Now, how to fix the batch that came out with soda ash?

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  • Does anyone have an opinion on a two-week cure time? I know that I have always just left me bars to cure for 30 days at a minimum, but I just saw a video put out by SoapGal, who makes a lot of soap, and she says there is really no difference between two weeks and four weeks. What do other people think about this?

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    • I saw someone else online talking about this. I’ve never been worried about using my own soaps at two weeks. It certainly has never hurt. They seem to last just fine, but just for the longevity factor I always wait a full four weeks before I sell any. New England can get pretty muggy, so that may be a part of it. I’m sure if I was in west Texas it…Read More

    • I sell my soap sometimes at two weeks. I used to live in New Mexico where the air was so bone dry everything cures in days. I’ve never had a problem or complaint. When I moved to Portland I noticed the humidity did keep my soaps a little more moist. I’m sure this depends on where you live, but if a soap says they have success at two weeks, I don…Read More

  • Ready for Thanksgiving! The best part…. no calories in my treats!

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