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    4 months ago

    thermalmermom “Blushing Oasis” This month’s challenge was the Oasis Swirl taught to us by @edgar_kameraki. Thank you Edgar for a really fun challenge. Thank you to Amy Warden@soapchallengeclub for providing this opportunity to get together and share our creations with each other.
    The challenge for me was choosing the colors and keeping the loose batter from seeping under the dividers. I fixed that by using melted cocoa butter then let harden to the bottom of the mold to set the dividers in. After I unmolded the soap I trimmed the hardened cocoa butter off the bottom of the bar. I also would like to thank @etsuko_watanabe_soap for her youtube video this month showing her version of the oasis swirl where she tipped the mold but also she added the batter at the end of the mold instead of the side of the mold. I really liked that way of doing it and that is the way I did mine as well. Thank you Etsuko. Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge that makes it so fun and interesting. #soapchallengeclub #oasisswirl



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