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    Ernestine Kennedy posted in the group Bath & Cosmetic Cadre

    2 weeks ago

    Hello, my name is Ernestine. I am one of your members. I make homemade lotions and creams. I’m having issues with moisture being on the lids of my jars but not in the lotion/cream itself. Every few days I have to wipe the moisture off. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix the issue? Please help!!!
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for your time. God Bless!

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    • Do you mean that there is moisture on the outside of the lids, or is this happening on the inside of the lids?

        • The moisture is on the inside of my lids. I use plastic containers

          • so when you open the lid it’s like droplets on the top inside or is it sitting on the lotion too? Have you tried to increase the amount of emulsifying wax? maybe this a little bit of the water separating from the oil?

            • Hi there beautiful! Yes ma’am that’s exactly correct, droplets are on the top of the lids but not in the lotion. I have not thought about increasing the emulsifying wax, but I will try it. Thanks so much for that information. I will keep you posted:) Have a beautiful blessed day!

    • How are you storing the containers?

    • OK, what I am thinking if it’s not an issue with the formula, and the jars and lids are perfectly dry, then it has to be condensation, and this can happen if the lid is put on when the lotion is too hot. I would be willing to bet if you sanitize another batch of jars and spritz them with rubbing alcohol and let them dry for about an hour and then transfer the lotion, your problem will disappear.

      • I am going to apply this technique! But I wanted to say that I don’t put the lids on my lotion until the next day after they are completely cooled down. I cover my lotion with paper towels until the next day and then the lids. Lol, any other suggestions?

      • I live in South Alabama. I make lotions from these recipes religiously for my self and my neighbors, family and friends. I have never had a condensation problem and my area is zone 9-10. Subtropical. I’m thinking it is a product packaging issue. I use the plastic lotion bottles with the squeeze cap then fill it just above the shoulders. I use it daily I’ve never had condensation as an issue.

        • Hi there! Thanks for the information. I’m not having any issues with the goat milk lotions that I use for the plastic bottles. I’m having problems with the creamy lotion recipe that I’m putting in my plastic jars, however, it’s a different recipe than my goat milk lotion. Maybe I’m using too much water, which consists of 75%, and not enough emulsifying wax. Then I thought maybe it’s my preservatives but I don’t think it is because I use the same preservative for my goat milk lotion recipe.



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