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Jennifer Olson has been making soap for over 30 years. Her company is called
Jentle Soaps (that’s Jentle for Jen of course, and yes her soap products are gentle).
She is the mother of six beautiful children. She loves to formulate beauty products every
single day. Her beauty research helps her to continue to build her knowledge base to
provide formulations that are new and innovative.

Jen is also an amateur beekeeper and raises English Angora and other rabbits
for show and fiber. Her bunnies and bees provide material for her soap and beauty
ingredients. Hydrolyzed rabbit fiber is an excellent source of skin nourishing keratin (no
bunnies are harmed, only brushed). Fresh honey and beeswax that bees naturally
provide are also awesome for the skin. Jen is always excited about Bubbles, Bunnies
and Bees!


Discover more on the Jen Spice You Tube Channel




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