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    ericameyer posted in the group The Soap Makers Lair

    1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I have 2 questions about this recipe. I want to start making my bars more lard heavy to cut down on how many oils are going into my products, and I like lard the best. Is it reasonable to make a 70% lard recipe and still get a well-balanced bar? Also, I do want to add lavender buds as a decoration, but we all know what they look like after 3 months of shelf storage. Mouse poops. Any idea on how to make the lavender buds last longer?

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    • Yes on the lard. Isn’t the dove bar made of 100% lard? Or maybe it was at one time? Am I remembering that wrong?

    • Yes you can. You want to shoot for and INS number of around 145, but this isn’t set in stone and some oils are an exception for some calculations. Olive oil and Lard will both calculate softer than they really turn out after the cure time. In my experience with this kind of formula you may find it takes longer than 24 hours to cure and its a little soft to the touch so you’ll think you messed up, just be gentle, and set them aside to harden and it will be fine. Also, I know what you mean about the lavender buds. It seems like the prettiest pics are the fresh ones but as soon as they’re ready to sell they turn brown. Maybe try a sprinkle of cornflower buds. They’re more blue, but they might give you the color pop you’re looking for and they’ll stay blue.



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