Sea Berries Soap Cupcakes

There are a ton of “frosting” recipes out there on the internet for topping off your favorite soapy treats like cupcakes and little torts. For years I’ve held on to my biggest frosting secret, and in this article I’m going to discuss this with you. Let’s dive into soap frosting for cold process soap.

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My secret:

Part 1:

Part one is all about the fluffy perfect frosted mound. My preferred way to make soap frosting is with 40% palm shortening and combine that with 65% hard oils. This is not only an inexpensive oil, but its physical properties leave me with a light fluffy ruffle AND a heavy firm soap at the same time. This means that you get the pretty ruffled texture, but the soap will hold up under its own weight when you are when you’re trying to build it nice and tall.

Now, there are lots of soap frosting recipes out there that will give you a light weight fluffy texture, and that’s where part two comes in.

Part 2:

Part two of this recipe is how firm it will harden. Sugar and meringue tops will crust over but there is something spongy about them that happens after the curing process, and if the room is too humid they begin to melt and sweat. Another ingredient that some soapers use is shea butter, and this is wonderful for creating a light fluffy ruffled frosted topping. These will firm up much better than sugar and merangue recipes, but they still end up a bit on the soft side after curing, and you have to be careful not to bump the ruffles when you’re arranging the product or trying to transport it to yuor market. The palm shortening instead of shea butter will remedy this and make a sturdy firm top.

It’s hard to know how much soap to make when making cupcakes, since you aren’t using your standard soap mold. One good way to make your cupcakes is to create 3 ounces of soap for the base, and three ounces for the top. This will give you a six ounce bar. The top, of course, will look larger because it is fluffier. If you make a 1 pound batch of cold process soap, you can pour 5 cupcakes. Then, set these aside to firm up while you repeat and make another 1 pound batch.

Color and fragrance your batter, and transfer it into a piping bag. Once you try soap frosting tops with a portion of your recipe with palm shortening, you may never return to your other recipes.

Good luck! and Happy Soaping!

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