Hi Fellow Mermaids (and Mer-Gentlemen) Just making a late night update to let you know that Lesson 9.4 has been published in the Thermal Mermaid Course and Members will be able to make their free shopping cart if they want to sell online. Starting today I am taking the first 5 selected members that I have chosen from the 5/25 you tube video to have their stores published first.

I will be working with these members over the next few weeks so that I can see what is easy and intuitive in the shopping cart, and what is complicated enough to where I need to write a tutorial. Once I have the tutorials covered, which will be an whole new chapter to be posted as Lesson 11, I will open up the free shopping carts to all members.

So check out Lesson 9.4 when you have a chance, and feel free to pop me a message in the facebook group if you have any questions about how to get your free sellers shopping cart up and running.