What is a line sheet?

This is a simple version of your product catalog that you circulate to potential buyers. With this printout you can establish a visual of your branding, the feel of your product, and the necessary information to buy your product from your prospective wholesale customers. The difference between a full catalog and a line sheet is that the line sheet is more simple, clean, and straight forward with information.

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A line sheet contains your company name and contact information, clear professional photos of your product, and minimal ordering information like price and minimum order. This should be clean and organized and easy to read. A line sheet is usually one or two pages in length.

Here is an example of a line sheet template that you can download for your own editing in Lesson 10.7 of the Thermal Mermaid Learning Library

How do I make an outstanding line sheet for my wholesale orders?

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch because we have created some templates for you, and you can pick up where we left off by adding your products, store info, and logo branding to the templates. Once you get your line sheet the way you want it you may want to have it professionally printed, or have it easily available on your website for download by potential customers.

Click Here to Go To Lesson 10.7 of the Thermal Mermaid Learning Library and browse our Line Sheet Template Collection

Remember, you want to put forward the most basic information a buyer needs to make a decision about your order. No fancy stuff. This is a glance over information page that delivers the information without your customer hunting for details.

  • Name of the product
  • SKU or Item number
  • Unit or Individual price
  • The suggested retail price (to compare to individual price)
  • Order minimums and any variants (size, color etc.).
  • Logo is clearly visible
  • Text is minimal; font is consistent
  • Contact information is accurate and easy to find
  • You’ve included payment terms and shipping details

How to optimize line sheets to match your business.

Your line sheet is not the place for imaginative creativity, but how can you create a sheet that matches your brand look and feel and keep it as minimal as possible at the same time. If you have anchor products that really emphasize your brand make sure these are featured at the top of your line sheet. By featuring products front and center you will guide your buyers eye to exactly what you want them to see first. Each on of your buyers can have customized line sheets that you think would also attract them based on their business. This is as easy as popping your featured images and details into the top of your templates. You don’t have to go through an entire redesign, just arrange your featured products.

Make sure that your design and products are arranged in a logical way. Keep everything as stream lined and simple to the eye with minimal thinking involved. It needs to be understandable in the space of one eye shot.

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