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Featuring the Thermal Mermaid Soap & Cosmetic Course

 The Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker's Course contains 11 Modules with 80 lessons covering everything you need to know about learning the Cottage Industry of soap making along with modern techniques in cosmetic and bath production. The full course is crafted for the very beginner, includes intermediate lessons, and advanced lessons. These lessons can be reviewed over and over and used to support the hundreds of beginner, intermediate, and advanced recipes found in the recipe directory. Additional lesson coach how to use the exclusive features across the Thermal Mermaid Network to promote your business, establish your brand, and secure your position as an authority in your chosen market.

Exclusive Recipe Directory

OVER 1000 Soap & Cosmetic Designs & Recipes

The recipe directory in the Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker's Course includes not just hand made artisan soap. It includes, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bath bombs, lip gloss, face masks, lotions, body butters, and just about anything you can think of to package and enjoy during any luxury spa session or home bath. Years ago we discovered that amazon books are wrought with fake recipes that make no sense. We decided to publish our recipes with notes and often video tutorials so that you really can make these at home. The recipes found in our directory are crafted by us, made by us, and in every case packaged and sold by us. No manipulated recipes that are made just to get you to buy our ingredients (we do not sell ingredients!), and no fake recipes! Everything in the directory is worked through first with artisan love, and then published for you to have.

Your Own Store Platform

Feature 4 is property of the Thermal Mermaid Network. is a specialty shoppers mall where anyone can buy hand made soap and bath cosmetics from our exclusive Crafter's Community. One you become a member in the Thermal Mermaid Crafter's Community you will instantly have a 'member's only' account at that will allow you to access a seller's dashboard. Yes, you can begin setting up your store immediately. The Soap Maker's Course will have full tutorials on how to set up your store and begin selling your products.

Community Profile & Social Network for Soap & Cosmetic Artists

Feature 5

Your member's dashboard has interactive abilities along with all of the rich features. Not only can you access all of our tools, calculators, recipes, and tutorials, and publications, but you can interact with each other and show your work to the world. Integrated into your member's dashboard are groups and live activity feeds that allow you to connect specifically to those who are engaged in your hobbies. Wouldn't it be fun if your 'tweets'  or 'facebook' posts were kept exclusively inside our artisan community? Yes! This is a great feature to discuss your ideas and maybe, not so successful experiments with only those who are working on the same thing you are!

Custom Professional Label & Bar Code Software

Feature 6 was created exclusively for members of the Thermal Mermaid network. Once you become a member here at and join the Thermal Mermaid Network you will instantly be able to use your credentials to log in at and begin creating the perfect labels for your soaps, packages, and branding logos. You can even make any required bar codes and QR codes. When you create your logos you can save them to edit for another day or download the files that you can print immediately from your computer.

7 Crafting Courses & Communities Built to Support Your Craft (additional hobby crafts coming soon)

Feature 1

Come along while CottageDIY expands into a hub of crafting hobbies, some common and some eclectic. Along with our flagship Soap & Cosmetic Course from the Thermal  Mermaid, we are building out more hobby courses like crochet, knitting, tatting, candle making, quilting, and jewelry making.

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Full Beginners Tutorial on Soap Making
Hot Process Soap Tutorials
Cold Process Soap Tutorials
Full 100 page pdf e-book matching lessons 1 - 3
Multiple cheat sheets & check lists
Essential Oil tutorials
Dozens of Intermediate recipes to Advanced design techniques
Dozens of advanced soap making techniques to expand your product line
Liquid soap, shampoo & conditioner, laundry soap from scratch tutorials.
1000's of templates for label designs
Selling on your own store platform. Instant access.
Product photography tutorials.
Resource lists for supplies.
12 additional related e-books with recipes and instructions published by Thermal Mermaid
Packaging & Storing tutorials
Real world farmer's/flea market directory to publish your appearances.
New Recipes added monthly
Over 100 hours of exclusive video tutorials.
Colorant & Fragrance tutorials
Full Social Network Access
Groups to post about your favorite topics
Instant Message other members in the Crafter's Community
Post to our Community Forum Message boards for discussion or question on specific recipes.
FREE Calculators
Label Creator with your Custom brand Logo & Labels
FREE SELLER ACCOUNT in our marketplace

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