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What is the Thermal Mermaid Network?

The Thermal Mermaid Network is a network of eight websites with specific features and purposes for artists who are interested in DIY hand crafted soap and cosmetic making. Thermal Mermaid is our flagship website which will point you in the right direction and talk about a number of topics including small business start ups, working on the internet, and learning how to create high quality bath products either for your own personal use or for the purpose of starting a small business. guides you to our social network community at where you can register and become one of thousands of artists who can access the main “Crafter’s Community” Dashboard. is where members log in to enter the network. is where the journey to learning the Cottage Industry of soap making begins, here you have access to the full Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker’s Course and complete recipe directory. This includes a social platform embedded into the course material and groups and the option of a community profile so that members can connect and find each other.¬† From this dashboard members have direct access to other sites in the network.

Members can enter any of the sites in the network and log in with their own email/username and password for complete access. Members have exclusive access to special features that the general public does not have access to. is an independent website in the ThermalMermaid network. This is an e-commerce website in the spirit of etsy where anyone can shop from their favorite soap maker. Only members of the Thermal Mermaid Network have a feature available to them that allows them to create their own store front when they log into There are no additional fees for members to sell on this platform. Simply create your store and start selling. There are no listing fees or final fees from us. Please be sure to read the full terms when opening a store on this platform, as credit card processing companies do charge their own fees. once was a small chapter in the Thermal Mermaid Soap Maker’s Course, but not the software has expanded into a website of its very own. Only Members of the Thermal Mermaid Network can log into Soap Craft Labels and design their own labels. This website does not sell anything to the public, and its features are only exclusive to members in our community. Here you can design your labels and logos with professional software and imagery, then download your files for free, ready to be printed. is a complete wiki resource for any and all ingredients, terms, and tools used in soap and cosmetic making. This is a strong resource for the Crafter’s Community because only members have exclusive access to edit the information and details on these pages, allowing and vendors or small businesses to add a back link from their crafted information page directly to their store on This is a wonderful way to build authority to your store and get love from Google in your search engine results. is a website dedicated to Soap Craft Magazine. This is a way to get an entertaining visual snapshot on all the new work added into the Thermal Mermaid Recipe Directory. Soap Craft Magazine is available on Amazon in paperback or e-publication. All members of the Thermal Mermaid Network can access the E-version of Soap Craft Magazine for FREE along with the exclusive video tutorial found exclusively in the Thermal Mermaid Recipe Directory. is a useful landing place to discover tools, ingredients, and helpful gadgets that can enhance your soap making tasks. This is a review website where users can browse video reviews and get more information from the typical static wholesale snapshots  on products that they may find helpful to see if the item is actually something they want to use or buy. is a directory specific for open markets that welcome soapers who wish to sell their products at a kiosk type open air market. Members of the Thermal Mermaid Network may add listings for markets they know about and they may add their own schedule of appearances. This is especially good for those who like to get out and sell in the real world and can use this schedule update to let their market customers know when they will be present.

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