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When I go to I do not see how I can create my store.

Nope, you won’t see any direct registration for your seller store at In fact, seller stores are only exclusively available to members of the Thermal Mermaid Network, and you must be a Mermaid or Siren level member to qualify. When you joined the network your access to a seller store was already created. All you need to do is go over to and log in. When you log in to that spot, the marketplace will give you a button to access your vendor dashboard. You can also access this directly from your main dashboard in the Crafter’s Community when you log in at Just by clicking this button you can start building your store.

So why do you see a registration feature at Because, silly, this is where your customers will register when they want to buy something from your store. Shoppers can register, shop, and checkout, just like any standard e-commerce website.

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