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What is the Crafter’s Community?

Membership to the Thermal Mermaid Soap Making Course is much more than a series of modules and tutorials. The work done to create this membership site is a place to support small business with tools that can be used to build their business. Weather you are just thinking about starting your own little cottage industry soap making business or you are already in business and looking for ideas on how to grow and expand, this community has something for you. Once you join and become a member you can log into your main dashboard. Here you will have access to all of the exclusive features in the entire Thermal Mermaid Network, forums, groups, your own profile page, your own store platform, courses, recipes, tutorials, and connection to thousands of other soap and cosmetic making hobbiests with whomyou can connect and share your craft. We call this the “Crafter’s Community” Access to this community is exclusive for members of the Thermal Mermaid Network. To learn more about how to join click here.

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