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How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You are 100% responsible for the status of your subscription. Your membership is reoccurring, and you are charged either every month or every year depending on how yo signed up. If you signed up after July 2021 you can cancel directly from your dashboard by logging into your account and canceling your membership. Log into your dashboard and look to the right column at the bottom. You will see a link that says cancel your subscription.

If you signed up before July 2021 you will need to cancel the old way, which is to log into your paypal account and cancel your subscriptions from your paypal dash board.

We recommend that -no matter what – you double check the status of your cancellation by logging into your paypal account and check that your subscription status is cancelled. You and ONLY you have 100% control over this. We do not store any of your payment information or have access to any of your paypal information in anyway.

If you used a credit card without a paypal account then a paypal account was created for you and you still need to log into paypal and end your subscription.

If you still need assistance we will be happy to help you but you must message us through our customer service channels. Either log into your dashboard and submit a ticket, or messages us through our facebook page here or here .

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