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How do I access the websites on the Thermal Mermaid Network?

Once you register as a member in the network you will get access to one main dashboard. The main dashboard of your membership is located here . From inside your dashboard you can access every website in the network at the top of the dashboard. However, you can also visit each of these sites on their own. You do not need to be logged into your dashboard to log into any of the other sites. If there is one site you visit more than any other, you can go directly to that site and log in to use your membership features.

As a member you have one set of credentials to log into every site on the network. The same username/password that you used to register at is the same username/password that you will use to log into every site on the network to access your exclusive features. You must log in to each site individually, but you do not need to register. You already registered when you became a member.

If you cancel your membership or let your membership lapse, your username and credentials will be lost across the entire network until you re-register.

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