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Are there any fees at all?

We do not charge any fees for you to run your shop and sell your products. There are the standard paypal fees that paypal charges for processing your transaction. You will see the total sale and the amount earned as to different numbers on your dashboard. The total sale is the price your customer paid for your item, the amount earned is the amount that paypal sent to your account after they took their fees. (This fee includes the paypal fee for both the seller and the marketplace platform. At the current time it is 2.6%+ .40 cents seller fee AND 1% marketplace fee.) You can see this broken down somewhere on your paypal transaction details.

These are fees taken by paypal. We do not collect any fees from you, nor do any transaction funds process through us. The transaction is directly between your customer and your paypal account.

We reserve the right to add a commission to sales in the future IF this platform becomes to large to manage for free or there are unforeseen costs. We have no plans at this time to charge any fees and will make a hearty effort to keep it this way.

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