This is a membership based social network community built around the craft of soap making that includes tutorials, recipes, videos, forums, groups, contests, and community made specifically for artists. We are also slowly expanding out to create special exploratory places for other cottage crafts like candle making, crochet, quilting, lace making, jewelry, and knitting.

There are some formulas that are free on this website and you can find them by going here:

However, most of the recipes are subscription based and only available to Mermaid or Siren level members. All of the soap and cosmetic formulas are organized in the Recipe Directory

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The Kelpie level membership used to be the FREE level. However, as the website has become busier over the years the only way to keep fake accounts and spam off the site is to change the Kelpie level to $1 dollar per month membership. This ensures that the account holder is a real person.

There is no difference in access to information between the Mermaid and Siren level members. Both tiers provide unlimited access to all the content in the members part of the website. The Mermaid level membership is a monthly sign up, while the Siren level is an annual subscription that offers a discount for signing up for a year.

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