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  • Has anyone had any experience in making feminine wash or soap? I’ve read a lot of different information for ingredients to help keep the ph balanced and calm irritation but it’s so much and I feel like I don’t know where to start. Is there book or resource that you recommend?

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    • I have seen this discussed in the past a few times and my understanding was that the desired product was formulated to handle extra sensitive skin. I’m guessing this is what one means when they say Ph, so that the skin doesn’t have a strong reaction to the soap. (Which we basically do anyway in soap making with little test strips but i probably…Read More

  • Hi Community, I’m new. I live in the Tenessee/Kentucky area. Does anyone know local stores where I can get coconut oil at the best prices. I know walmart is basically the cheapest, and I dont have a membership to a resturant supply store like the authors mentioned. I was just wondering if anyone knew of stores in my area that were alternatives for…Read More

    • Hi There! Welcome. I’m from Connecticut, but I’m sure one of our Kentucky/Tenessee might have some knowledge. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

    • I get mine from Big Lots. 102 oz container is $12

    • Sam’s Club has been great for me. And I hit the grocery stores like its nobody’s business, LOL. But other than that I do go to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s if i can cuz it’s a bit further. Where are you at? I’m in Tennessee, Livingston to be exact and i just started making soap last year and I’ve done absolutely great at it around here. I live in a…Read More

    • Costco is great for coconut oil, and other basic ingredient. Good luck!


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