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Packaging Inspirations

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  • Hi, I have a question about the Soap Craft Lables. How do I get it to download my lables? My page does not have a check out, a purchase cart, or anyway that I have found to be able to down load my lable to my computer to print out. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Denise, SoapCraftLabels is best viewed in the Chrome browser on your laptop. If you are looking at it through Firefox or Edge the dropdown tools in the navigation on the age you created your label on will look a little different. Open your label in the editor as if you are going to edit it (or while you are creating it) and hover over ‘Save…Read More

    • Thank you for that answer. Let me add this. I am using Chrome to view the page and my lables. I am able to get the drop down screen. But when I click Download file, and the option PNG, or any of the options, nothing happens. A little note comes up saving it has been saved. But, it is never downloaded to my computer.

  • Learning each and every day the love and art form of soap making and looking forward to the vast amount of information, knowledge and the amazing community of soapers and creators

  • I found this adorable ensemble on etsy. The packaging is so adorable I just wanted to post it. I found this on an etsy store called MyDream Soap and I an not affiliated with the owner so I am not trying to sell this…but just give credit to the artist.

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  • One pretty choice is these wax paper sheets that come in all sorts of color prints. You can get them in sheets of 50/100 and you can get 2 or 3 bars out of a sheet. The best prices to find these are on alibaba in a hug bulk buy where you will pay about a penny a sheet, but if you dont want that many you can find them on ebay and etsy for about 5…Read More

  • I have been struggling to figure out what packages to use. Then I just wanted to wrap the soap in something. I still don’t know. I need to find a reasonable way. Unfortunately unemployed now and need to save at every corner. Any suggestions, please!

  • This is how we are packaging our North American black soap (NABS™).

  • Hello, I am a new member and cant seem to log into Any help is appreciated

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    • Hi Rebecca, Just log in with your same user name and password at the link t the top of the menu that says “my Account” Then all the label choices will appear on the home page in front of you.

  • I really want to cut my shipping and packaging costs. With the shipping costs going up can you share your ideas with me on packaging? I am actually considering going naked soap but I’m not sure customers will like that. Or using wax paper wrap? What does your bare bones packaging look like?

    • I’m not sure how naked bars is much cheaper than a cigar label or a shrink wrap.Do you use expensive boxes? I think the most sensible thing to do these days is to sell multiple bars at a time to make the shipping worth it. Have you tried creating an amazon store? I never have but do they have some kind of different shipping rate?

    • Thank you for your feedback Zenya. That’s a really great idea. I’ve been working on the new store shopping experience offered by Thermalmermaid Network. I did decide to start offering soap loaves. And I also sell in four packs or batches. It seems like the most cost effective method. I could sell one bar at a time on special request i suppose if…Read More

    • You guys want crypto now???????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • I have an example of a bare bones example in the NABS™ picture I posted today. Simple unbleached parchment! It wraps and rewraps like a dream every time I take it out to use some!


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