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North American Black Soap Featuring Jen Spice

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  • Jen, Lesson 7.11 is amazing and informative. I cannot wait to try this recipe.

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    • Make sure you are outside or in a well ventilated room. A mask is also recommended and GOOD LUCK! It is so much fun!

  • Wow! The numbers are growing here. LMK what you would like me to make with black soap and I will start formulating.😊

  • Today I was working with some of the leftover soap to make little micellar water tabs! The idea is to have a portable refill for my black soap micellar spray bottles. This is an easy beginner project that can be made with ABS or NABS™ I will be storing these in a little tin.

  • Hi Jen Olson. I am so happy to see you here at the Thermalmermaid Network. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about how to make authentic North American Black Soap and Thank you for lending us your area of expertise. ~Sherry aka Thermalmermom

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    • I am really excited to share everything I know about NABS. Lately it dawned on me that one of the truly special things about this type of black soap is that it is just like a solid body wash! Potassium based soap bars are so much fun to use both in the bath and shower!


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North American Black Soap™ is a refined skill developed by Jen Olson from the Jen Spice Channel on You Tube. As a student of a Ghana soap school, a place that creates authentic African Black Soap, she works in her home on Vancouver Island as a skilled artisan adding with locally sourced ingredients to adapt this timeless tradition into her own crafted North American Black Soap™. Now, Jen takes us all on a journey in Lesson 7.11 teaching the Community at Thermal Mermaid the methods she worked on to get a beautiful result. This group is dedicated to those who want to follow the methods and results of those working with this soap making tradition.


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