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North American Black Soap Featuring Jen Spice

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  • 5 months, 3 weeks ago
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  • Can I put the same fragrance oils in this type of recipe? I have seen essential oils so far but I’m wondering if it work with the synthetic fragrances. I’ve been soaping for many years, and this is so new to me. So refreshing to see new/old (new to me) ideas!

  • Jen, Lesson 7.11 is amazing and informative. I cannot wait to try this recipe.

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  • Wow! The numbers are growing here. LMK what you would like me to make with black soap and I will start formulating.😊

  • Today I was working with some of the leftover soap to make little micellar water tabs! The idea is to have a portable refill for my black soap micellar spray bottles. This is an easy beginner project that can be made with ABS or NABS™ I will be storing these in a little tin.

  • Hi Jen Olson. I am so happy to see you here at the Thermalmermaid Network. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about how to make authentic North American Black Soap and Thank you for lending us your area of expertise. ~Sherry aka Thermalmermom

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    • I am really excited to share everything I know about NABS. Lately it dawned on me that one of the truly special things about this type of black soap is that it is just like a solid body wash! Potassium based soap bars are so much fun to use both in the bath and shower!


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