Rich Creamy Goat Milk Lotion for the Summer

If you sell lotion at your summer time pop up, this one will sell out.

    This formula is rich and creamy because of the texture of the goat's milk, but it's the oil profile that gives it the unique that make it a deep moisturizing skin creme. This lotion will linger on the skin trapping moisture for a few minutes and give the alpha hydroxy acids plenty of time to do it body polishing powers. (Alpha hydroxy acids help remove dead skin and give you a new polished look.) The combination of the oil profile and goat milk make this formula ideal for evening wear and after shower use when you want to really trap moisture and protect the skin barrier.

If you want to make the goat's milk lotion,  the members video tutorial and printable instructions are posted and available here:

Goat Milk Lotion Tutorial

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