French Lavender Flowers Goat’s Milk Soap

This recipe creates a very clean creamy hard bar of soap. If you already love the rich texture of goat’s milk on your skin, the combination of butters makes it all the more rich and silky. This is a hot process recipe and can be made in just a few hours. With this recipe the slower and longer you let it cook to more solid the bar appears, the hotter and faster you cook it through the saponification stages the more gelled it looks with mottling in the texture. This recipe is crafted for 3 lbs. of soap and will make 11 bars at 4.5 oz. a piece.

What you need:

Instructions & Notes:

      1. Before you begin place you gloves and safety glasses on. Wear a mask while you are mixing the lye. Turn the crock pot on high to get it pre-heated.
      2. Slowly pour the lye crystals into the distilled water and stir until the crystals are completely dissolved.
      3. Place the Palm. Rice Bran, Coconut, and Olive Oils into the crock pot together. Allow these to melt into the crock pot.
      4. Add the lye water solution into the oils when the oils have warmed to withing 20 degrees room the lye water. Unlike cold process soap, you do not have to wait for the lye to become room temperature however mix the oils when they are close in temperature so that the lye and oil will bind smoothly.
      5. Mix this well until it is completely emulsified. Allow this to cook for just a few minutes. Add the shea and coco butter into the soap and mix well.
      6. Allow this to fully cook from the first to third stages of soap. Add ½ tsp. Of colorant and mix well. Check on the soap every 15 minutes and stir together and oils that may separate while cooking.
      7. When the soap becomes glassy remove the heat and turn the crock pot off. Allow this to cool to below 140 degrees.
      8. Dissolve 2 scoops of powdered goat’s milk into 3 oz. Of water. Add this to the soap and incorporate well.
      9. Add 1.5 oz. Of fragrance oil. Mix this into the soap and sprinkle with lavender buds. Do not add the milk, flowers parts, or fragrance until the soap has cooled significantly. The cooler the better.
      10. Transfer the soap into a mold and allow this to set up for 24 hours. You can use this soap as soon as 24 hours.


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