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The Soap Making Companion : A Guide for Beginners is a complete guide for anyone who wants to dump the commercial detergents learn how to make their own natural soap at home. This book explains exactly what natural soap is and how it's made.

Part one covers a full explanation of the soap making process and how to handle the stronger household chemicals that must be treated with respect during use and storage. In this chapter you will make your very first batch of soap in its most simple form to clearly observe the process of saponification.

Part two immediately delves into the cold process method and explores the creative techniques and styles that create colors, designs, fragrances, and botanicals. There are 12 full recipe tutorials that demonstrate different designs.

Part three take a step into the advanced method of hot process soap making by adding heat into the formula and modifying the chemical process. 3 full recipe tutorials to get you ready to work on more advanced projects.

Did You Know?

Every recipe found in this book has a full video tutorial and interactive page!

Yes! This book can be read as a stand alone guide OR you can watch over 30 videos that were created to pair with every part of this book. If you are ready to start working on these recipes and want more instruction and interactive help with questions about your recipe...... read more....

The Soap & Cosmetic Maker's Course is a Full 12 Part Lesson & Recipe Directory with 1000s of Skin Care Formulas

The Soap Making Companion ~ corresponds to lessons 1-3 in the full Thermal Mermaid soap & cosmetic course.

Lesson 1 corresponds to Part 1 in The Soap Maker's Companion. Here we cover your soaping set up and safety & first aid for kitchen chemicals.
Lesson 2 corresponds to Part 1 in The Soap Maker's Companion. Here we cover the cold process method with 12 recipe tutorials.
Lesson 3 corresponds to Part 1 in The Soap Maker's Companion. Here we cover hot process, a step more advanced.
Lesson 4 covers colorants & dyes in your soap & cosmetics.
Lesson 5 covers fragrances & essential oils.
Lesson 6 covers intermediate recipes & soap making techniques.
Lesson 7 covers advanced soap making recipes & techniques.
Lesson 8 covers creative packaging & labeling ideas.
Lesson 9 covers where and how to sell your artisan creations.
Lesson 10 covers resource, supplies, books & more...
Lesson 11  covers selling on
Lesson 12  covers Lotions & Cosmetics
Finally we have the full Recipe Directory with over 1000 recipe tutorials.

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