Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S.)

What is the Thermal Mermaid Network?

The Thermal Mermaid Network is series of websites that specializes in education, exploration, and small business building for enthusiasts of DIY soap and cosmetics. The network includes over 10,000 members in a community of crafters who have a place to come together and discuss their hobby or business. Members have access to every site on the network, and each site specializes in a different aspect of soap and cosmetic making. Sites include full video instruction tutorials, thousands of recipes, access to Soap Craft Magazine, a platform to create an online store, a label designer to perfect your logo and brand with professional labels, an information directory, reviews on supplies, tools, calculators, and a library of e-books. One single membership supplies access to the entire network. Learn more about membership here.

What is Cottage DIY?

Cottage DIY is the website on the Thermal Mermaid Network where the Member's Dashboard is located to log in and access the entire network. Cottage DIY is focused on learning the small business cottage industry of soap making, and is the heart of the Thermal Mermaid Network. Cottage DIY hosts the Thermal Mermaid Soap Making Course and Recipe Directory. It also includes an exclusive social network platform where soap making crafters can come together and share their wisdom and experience. 

What are the other sites in the network? is the flagship site of this network. You can visit to get the full explanation of our mission statement and discover all the features available to you with a membership. is a multi sellers marketplace. Built in the spirit of ebay and etsy, allows for any member to create an online store free of listing fees or other store fees that are applied with other online platforms. (Standard credit card processing fees apply as they do with any business.) was built to give new businesses or small businesses a place to get their feet off the ground without accumulating costs that are a apart of every business. Stores are an exclusive feature to members of the Thermal Mermaid Network. is a tool that is only available to members of the network. The software was built specifically for soap and cosmetic makers in mind.  This site allows the crafter to design and print their own brand, logos, and labels. All designs are professional quality files that are instantly available for download on demand.

How do I upgrade from a Kelpie (free) membership to a Mermaid or Siren membership?

Log into your account to access your member dashboard. Scroll down the page and find Account Settings in the right collumn.  Click on the link that says "Manage My Account." Here you can make any adjustments to your account that you like.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel any time you like. There are no hidden charges or fees. You have no contracts or obligations to your membership, and you are only charged for the time you want to be enrolled. To cancel you must log into your dashboard and scroll down to the My Account Settings. If you enrolled after 5/9/2021 you can click the cancellation button. If you enrolled before 5/9/2021 click the link and fill out the cancellation request form. You must follow this procedure to guarantee your cancellation. You can not email any other email address or post a cancellation demand on a random message board somewhere. If you are unsure about your cancellation, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Refunds and Disputes?

We will be happy to offer any refunds from 30 days after a charge is complete for any reason. You do not have to have a reason and there are no terms to your subscription that would prevent you from cancelling and getting a refund. Refunds are faster than filing a dispute through pay pal, because we will provide them instantly compared to waiting the days or weeks it takes to answer dispute notifications.  

If you do file a dispute and you are asking for money back within 30 days of your charge it will be accepted. Please understand that any action you take to dispute or chargeback will instantly cancel your subscription per the automated paypal set up. This may lead to unwanted account deletion. By filing a dispute you are canceling your account. You can sign up again if this is what you are intending to do. 

Any charge backs outside the terms of service of our website agreement will be disputed. Refunds are not granted after 30 days of an order being placed. Please make sure you contact customer service through the correct posted channels, not random emails, and not posting to random group threads. 

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