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The Great American Soap Swap !!! (Game for All Members)

The great American Soap Swap has recommenced!

In 2020 Steven Rhodes, a huge talent behind the luxury soap of YaYa Soaps began the popular soap swap in the facebook group. Put on pause to yield to safety during the last few years,it was one of the most missed games. Now on March 31st the soap swap begins again.

Post Your Name / Country in the Group : Soap Swap by March 31st

What is the soap swap?

All members are welcome to join. The soap swap is a way to randomly connect to other soap makers. During each swap members post their name in the group and the country they come from during the posted time frame. Once the date of he swap arrives everyone’s name is put into a hat and drawn to match a random partner. We announce your partner and you must then contact your swap partner and exchange names and addresses. You then swap your soap creations with 1 – 3 bars of soap along with your business/branding information. Once each partner receives the other’s package you then post photos and a thank you to that person (so they know you received their soap)

Rules of the soap swap:

The soap swap runs in this group AND in the face book group. You can post in the Member’s Group Here AND/OR in the Facebook Group .  This game will run in both places so everyone has a chance to participate.  All swap partners will be posted in both places.

You must ship your soaps within 2 weeks of the swap, and you must post a thank you pic within 7 days of receiving your package.

You must post your name AND your country. We match partners to the same country to keep anyone from being burdened with a crazy shipping fee. There must be at least 2 persons from any country to participate outside the USA.

Post Your Name / Country in the Group : Soap Swap by March 31st

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Jan 27 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Thermal Mermaid
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