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Brewer Farmers’ Market


The market rules are to be followed by all those who participate in the Bangor-Brewer Farmers'


Any home gardener or farmer qualifying with Maine homegrown produce shall be
eligible for membership in the organization by agreeing to abide by the by-laws and established
rules of operation.


a. Prior Year Members: All members who have attended the previous year will be
given preference. For past members, to have your application accepted, you must have complied
with the Market Rules during the previous season.

b. New Members: Preferences will be given to any potential new member who would
fill a market void by offering products currently needed at the market, or who plans to attend on
weekdays. When new members apply, farmers will be given preference as specified in the
Association’s lease with the City of Brewer.

c. Short Season Members: A provision for growers with short season crops is made for
those who wish to join the market for any contiguous three week period. This allows the market
to fill the same slot with more than one grower over the season and opens the market to more
growers to participate.

d. Completed Application: No one will be accepted into the market without a
completed application.

e. New Members: Procedure: New member applications must be submitted to the
secretary for distribution to the entire membership for consideration and a vote of the
membership will be taken by mail.


The location of the Bangor-Brewer Farmers' Market will be at the Brewer Auditorium,
along Wilson Street in an area agreed to by lease with the City of Brewer. It will be officially
open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or such hours as agreed to by lease with the City of Brewer,
Tuesday through Saturday, from the first market day in May to the last market day in October.


a. Annual Dues, Regular: A nonrefundable annual dues as set annually according to
the by-laws of the Association is payable with your application. Checks may be made payable to
"Bangor-Brewer Farmers' Market" and mailed to the Treasurer.

b. Annual Dues, Short Season: A nonrefundable short season dues for a three week
short season crop is payable as above. A grower may be admitted to the market for a short
season crop even if there is not space available for a regular annual membership.

c. Annual Dues, deadline for renewal: Application for membership renewal and dues
are due at the annual meeting but no later than February 1.

d. Daily Dues: Daily dues charged for each market day attended shall be established for
the following year by the membership at the annual meeting. Market dues are reviewed each
year in light of the market’s finances and adjusted if needed. Each farmer is responsible for
paying the daily dues to the Market Manager or to his/her assigned representative at the
beginning of each market day.

5. HANDICRAFTS & Value-Added Farm Products

Value-Added farm products are any product made from basic ingredients derived from
raw materials produced on the farm. (Examples include processed foods such as jams, jellies,
and salsas, cheeses, fudge, and other dairy-related products, creams, soaps, and related products
from honey, milk, etc., wreaths and floral arrangements, yarn and fiber products from wool,
mohair or other livestock products.) Value-Added farm products are encouraged.

Handicrafts are any product not derived from raw materials produced on the farm.
Examples include knitted and crocheted items such as dish cloths and mittens, artwork, prints,
note cards, etc.) Handicrafts may be sold, providing that the major portion of the farmer's
display is farm produce and/or baked goods. Handicrafts must be made by the seller.


All producers of home-processed items such as maple syrup, honey, jams, jellies, relishes
and home canned goods are required by law to obtain the proper licenses from the Department of Agriculture and/or the Maine Department of Human Services


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Brewer Auditorium, 318, Wilson Street, Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine, 04412, United States
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