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Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market is looking to partner with local businesses that grow, raise, catch, or produce quality products in Massachusetts and New England. There are three types of opportunities to partner with us and grow your business.

Permanent Vendor Stall

Full-time vendors at the Boston Public Market lease a space for a minimum of six months and maintain the full operating hours of the market (with option for delayed open times). Please see the linked resources at the bottom of this page for more information.

Short-Term Vendors

While most of the space in the Public Market is reserved for permanent vendors, we do have limited short-term opportunities. Preference will be given to growers and producers with a limited growing season and/or those offering products that complement the existing product mix of the Market. Vendors have the option to occupy a stall for a one-week time period or a one-month time period. Vendors interested in the short-term option should complete the Intent to Apply form on this page and choose “Short-Term Vendor” to receive additional information.

Outdoor Farmers Market

The Boston Public Market runs two seasonal farmers markets each year. These markets are a great option for vendors that do not have the capacity/ability to commit to a full time presence at the Market. Vendors interested in selling at our outdoor farmers markets should complete the Intent to Apply form on this page and choose “Farmers Markets” to receive additional information.


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PO Box 130457, Boston, MA 02113

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