Lesson 1.6 : The First Simple Soap Recipe

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Before we get into the creative details that will make your soap an artisan bar, lets make the simplest version to start. You don't even need to buy any specialty accessories for this recipe. This recipe is meant to show you just how simple are the necessary parts to make a perfectly good bar of soap. This soap will turn out remarkably like a familiar commercial bar of Dove, minus any fragrance. The lather and shelf life are stable for this simple recipe.

Difficulty: Beginner | Video Time: 9 Minutes

Recipe & Instructions

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First Base Recipe & Instructions:

100% Lard Soap

This recipe will yield about 3 small bars that will easily fit in the palm of your hand. The result is a hard-brittle bar that is best for hand watching at the kitchen sink. It must be fully cured for it to lose the lard smell when there is no fragrance added. The recipe for this bar is the simplest basic recipe in this course, and a fine example for beginner practice.


  • 8 oz. of lard
  • 1.12 oz. of lye
  • 3.04 oz. of water

Make your lye water according to the demonstration in lesson one. Set your lye water aside to cool while you melt the lard down over low heat or in short bursts in the microwave. Allow both the oils and lye to cool until they are both near 100 degrees.

Mix the solution and allow this to come to trace, a light pudding texture. Lard is a hard oil and will thicken faster than others. Pour the soap batter into three small molds and allow this to set up overnight.

After 24 hours un mold the soap and set this aside to cure. If you need to cut your soap into smaller bars you need to do that now. This soap needs to sure for four weeks before it is ready to use.

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