Lesson 01 : Beginner Basics » 1.1 : Welcome to the Beginning

Lesson 1.1 : Welcome to the Beginning

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning the artisan craft of soap making. Once you begin developing your skills you will begin making soap to fit your personality.  For those who enjoy this craft more you can explore business ideas. There are several ways to turn your soap making skill into a business. Enjoy these different ideas to get you started.

Difficulty: Beginner Video   Time: 5 Minutes

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Welcome to part 1. This video was written with the beginner in mind, but seasoned soap makers will find some useful tips. Most importantly, make sure to review lye usage & safety.

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Lesson 1.1

For whom has this module been written?

Welcome to the first module in a fairly large course. We're going to start off by explaining to you who this module has been written for. There are so many different people who sign up for this course, and everyone starts off with different level in craft making experience.

If you've found yourself here you may be a person who ranges in skill from someone who has never made soap at home before to a seasoned soap maker who grew up doing this with an older family member. If this is completely new to you, you'll going to quickly start to notice that this is a popular DIY hobby and there are thousands of people who actively make soap at home.

Despite the fact that your imagination might conjure something simple and plain when you think of soap, it turns out that there are an infinite number of ways to creatively produce soap and bath cosmetics, and once you get started you'll never run out of ideas or recipes. From colors, to blended fragrances to additives like beer and yogurt. There's almost nothing skin friendly that you cant put in your soap.

This very first module has been carefully crafted for someone who has never done this before. Let's pretend you have no clue what soap is or how its made. We're going to break that down for you. The lessons in this module are going to explain what you need to have ready with utensils and supplies, We're going to discuss handling chemicals that can potentially be dangerous if not handled properly, how to protect yourself from accidents,

Then I'm going to get into some of the actual science about how the ingredients being used combine to become soap. This might be a bit dry, but its fundamental in understanding in what you're doing, and its important to know because when you start formulating your own recipes, you'll know whats going on with those ingredients, and have an idea on how to predict reactions when there's a chemical change. This will lend you to know when mixing chemicals could be unsafe or perfectly happy when they're added into your recipe.

I'm going to show you how to use the soap calculator on the thermal mermaid website, and then explain how you can make your recipe calculations by hand if you don't have a calculator. Once you get this under your belt you are going to have a solid understanding of what soap actually is, how its formed in a way that you've probably never even considered before.

Before we finish this module I'm going to make the very first batch of soap in the final lesson, and this is the most simple basic recipe that one can possibly make with the fewest ingredients possible and still get a finished result that is a bar of soap. This will give you a solid idea on what you have to add and what is just an additive for creativity.

Now, if you have never seen any of this information before, don't worry. You don't need to memorize the math or know the chemistry to move on to the next module, you can always come back and watch it again if there is something that you need to know, but the most important message in this module is understanding that you are working with a serious chemical in your kitchen that needs to be controlled, stored, and managed in a safe method. Don't be intimidated by the use of chemicals, this is about as dangerous as a bottle of Drano and you wouldn't hesitate to buy it if you needed it, but you definitely would wear gloves and wouldn't leave it near kids or pets.

Now, if you do have a little experience making soap, of course you don't need to start off by practicing with this basic plain recipe, but I recommend just giving the material a brief over view just to refresh you memory on safety measures. and the first aid regarding chemical burns. This module is written with the beginner in mind, but it also contains enough detail that you will likely get something out of it if you are also pretty experienced.

So if you are brand new to this hobby or just need a quick refresher. Welcome to the very beginning...

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