Learn To Quilt Online 2023 has been the beginning of a new category in the Cottage DIY world. Beginner quilting tutorials are now appearing in their own dedicated place with multi part instructions focused on holding your hand through your very first projects. The beginner tutorials assume that you haveContinue Reading

Thermal Mermaid will be live on TikTok every Tuesday night at 10 pm.  click here to go to the live stream . If we aren’t near a live time browse below to view some of Thermal Mermaid’s tiktoks. @thermalmermaidContinue Reading

Soap Fact Sheet:Soap Making1IntroductionThis fact sheet describes the history of soap, what is soap,how it’s made, and two processes to make soap. Soap is anecessary item for good hygiene. Teaching people how tomake soap can be a good addition to any water, sanitationand hygiene (WASH) project. Ingredients for making soapcanContinue Reading

A few weeks ago I created a poll over in the face book group asking if any of you would like to see a forum style message board created for those who don’t love to use Facebook or are feeling less in love with Facebook these days, and about 1/3Continue Reading