A Non-Toxic Alternative Topical Decongestant Safe for Kids      Over 100 years ago the American family had a common elixir in their bathroom cupboard used for coughs and colds. Lee’s Save the Baby was especially meant for children who suffered from winter ailments.  However, during it’s 100 year run, concernsContinue Reading

Why do we need a preservative in topical cremes and cosmetics? A preservative is essential to help prevent microbes (bacteria, mold, and yeast) growing.  Preservatives stop growth by acting on spores when they germinate and killing cells (usually by disrupting cell membranes) or by making the product hostile to growth.Continue Reading

OK, the name of this body butter is a little ambitious. The name Rose Crystal Healing – Body Butter is in no way making a healing claim, although it will moisturize and provide an abundance of aroma therapy. This luxury butter was crafted to match its sister cold process soap.Continue Reading

Infused oils are a little luxury that you can make at home for your beauty and skin care. Camillia Infused Oil: Infused oil is not essential oil, and they’re used in a specific number of beauty products, like massage oils, lotions, and body butters. An infused oil is a lightContinue Reading