We’ve tested many recipes over the years, and frankly there are a lot of good lip moisturizer formulas that are knock out of the park spectacular. This one is not only my personal favorite, it is, hands down, one of the most highly preferred, and has been rated by our Thermal Mermaid editors the best lip balm for peeling lips.

Watch the Full Video on How to Make the Cottage Belle Recipe for this Lip Balm

This recipe is a hard wax textured formula. If you are looking for a soft butter DIY lip moisturizer lick here. In this recipe you will take a small piece of the wax and butters out of the pot jar with your nail, and as soon as you apply it to your lips is melts and blends to the skin instantly. This won’t leave a waxy build up behind, but instead leave a moist soft velvety feel across the surface of your skin. Now if you aren’t the type that prefers the pot jars for your chapsticks and shimmers, this can easily be poured into any size chap stick tubes when the oils are hot and they will harden into place. This is great for a summer cosmetic. They will nearly never melt, even under extreme temperatures, so you can throw them into your purse and never a mess occurs.

No Mess” Bess wax base version of lip moisturizer.

OK, so let’s get a quick peek at what does into this lip balm AND talk about what is NOT in this product that you will find in your big commercial brand lip balms (ie: chapstick). In this recipe, compared to store bought brands there are no mineral oils, no preservatives, and no parabens.

These 5 oils and waxes are all you need for a long lasting all natural lip mask.

First, lets take a look at our five natural ingredients, with the fifth ingredient, the flavor oil, being optional. A recipe of just a small amount can stock you up with ten 1/2 oz. jars of lip balm.

Bees Wax base

Starting with 4 tbps. of bees wax pastelles will get this project started. This is the base of the wax lip coverage, and once you get this recipe under your belt you can use more or less depending on how firm yo want your lip balm to be. Typically, if you want a firm salve that has the same texture as the standard chap stick , make sure the total amount of beeswax is 40% (or less) of the total recipe. If you are going for a vegan product, you’ll need to make some substitutions. You can exchange bees wax for candalilla wax.

Jojoba adds to the velvet feel on the skin.

Adding 1 tsp. of jojoba is a powerful amount in this little magical ingredient. Although this is called an oil, it’s actually a wax and it remains on the surfae of the skin without the feel of a waxy buildup, but instead gives the skin a velvet texture.

Coconut oil is pure luxurious fat. The properties of coconut oil are that it melts at 76 degrees, therefor it melts when it touches the surface of your skin. This is a fat that soaks in quickly and has a slick quality at the same time, making the product move across the surface of your skin like a smooth slick gloss.

Lanolin helps with texture and keeping your lip balm where you put it.

Lanolin is a little bit sticky, but smooth and moisturizing at the same time. There are plenty of lip balm recipes out there that don’t include lanolin, but this is my favorite ingredient. It helps with texture, smoothness, and it sticks, so your lip balm stays where it is applied. So, if you want it on your lips it will stay in one place and won’t spread all over your face like the light weight coconut oil and jojoba will. This enriches the recipe, but can be omitted or good old fashioned Vaseline can be substituted.

Flavor oils come in a variety of taste and smell.

Finally, adding a flavor oil will let you make this same recipe in a variety of styles and themes. From cinnimint to berry burst. Flavor oils may not be considered natural depending on the ingredients. In fact, flavor oils and fragrance oils may not even list all their ingredients. You must make sure that what ever you choose is approved for lips. One would think this goes without saying for a flavor oil, but make sure your selections come from reputable cosmetic supply companies.

Mix the first four ingredients.

Mix the first four ingredients. The bees wax has a nature to solidify very quickly and before the other oils are incorporated. This is OK. Take your time mixing these ingredients, and when you’re satisfied put it back into the microwave and melt these waxes and oils together.

Add a few drops of flavor oil

When the lip balm is hot it is a clear liquid. You can separate it into as many colors as you would like to make. Here, it has been separated into two bowls. Now, add a few drops of flavor oil, and mix this in.

Add colorant into your wax lip balm

When you have selected your cosmetic grade mica colorant you have one thing to keep in mind. Do you want a pretty color that matches your flavor oil but does not leave a color on your lips? This would be something you’d make for kids. However, you could add enough mica for a little color transfer. If the first style is your choice only add 1/16 tsp. of colorant. If you want a shimmer or color, add up to 1/2 tsp. A little goes a long way in your lip care products. Remember, we’re only working with a few ounces of oils in this example.

1/2 pot jars being spritzed down with rubbing alcohol.

Before we fill our jars, let’s quickly mention that they have been soaked in hot soap and water and then spritzed down in rubbing alcohol. Make sure they have had time to air dry. You don’t want moisture or water in your jars when you fill them. This can lead to little animalitos to grow. NO WATER.

After the hot liquid oil has been poured it only takes just a few minutes for your lip balm to fully harden into the wax chap stick texture.

Chap Stick texture Lip Balm with natural ingredients.

As you can see, the final product is just as easy to use as any store bought item with the same luxury feel. It melts instantly and feels like silk. You can see the wax texture will stay firmly in the jar and won’t bleed out of the jar, but can be removed at your finger tip easily.

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